5 Easy Ways for Getting Your Customers to Subscribe to Your Opt-in Text Marketing Lists

helping custoemrs subscribe to your opt-in text marketing lists

A mass texting service requires several subscribers on your opt-in text marketing lists for it to work, which makes maximizing the number of subscribers on this list your number one priority. Thankfully, there are creative and legal strategies you can follow to grow your SMS subscribers lists and entice them to subscribe to your opt-in text marketing lists.

Why Can’t You Already Text Those In Your Marketing List?

You may have already obtained several phone numbers, but laws restrict you from sending messages to those numbers without their owners’ consent. To get over this, you need to make those people opt-in to your marketing before you can send them anything without getting into legal trouble.

The law considers texting customers without their permission as an invasion of privacy. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) states that businesses must have explicit written consent from their customers. You’re free to send automated SMS marketing messages to them if they send you a written consent or opt-in.

The opt-in process makes the recipient choose to subscribe to your texting services. Your customers provide explicitly written consent this way. The only thing you need to do is to make it easy for them to do it.

Easy Ways For Customers To Subscribe to Your Opt-in Text Marketing Lists

You are now aware of the legal regulations for mass texting services. Your next step is to let them know about your offers. These are creative ways to get your marketing mass texting list to its best potential.

SMS Keywords

An SMS keyword is a set of characters that your future customers will text to your phone number. They’re easy to remember and to key in on phones. 

Subscribing to your SMS marketing is easy when your customers only need to send a keyword. It makes them give you consent to receive future SMS campaigns through mass texting.

Placing the keywords in your ad copy headline helps your customers become familiar with those words and remember them in the long run. 

But to comply with TCPA, you’re responsible for including the terms on your ad copy. Sending a keyword is your customers’ explicitly written consent to receive messages from you. These are creative opt-in ways using keywords:

  • Text to win sweepstakes can help you grow your subscriber list. Your customers only need to send a keyword to help them register.
  • Text message polling is an effective way because it gives customers the power to choose. A creative way for text message polls is to let your customers decide when you’re about to launch a future product.
  • Signages and brochures can capture attention from passing customers in your brick-and-mortar store. Consider placing the keywords there to help your customers opt-in.

Web Sign Up Forms

Having a website is a must-have for businesses nowadays. On your site, you can place an SMS subscription form for your customers. It should be easy to fill-up form that will only require a name and number.

By the way, do not forget your legal responsibility to inform your customers about the terms. Placing an agreement in your form together with an agreement checkbox never fails. Also, make sure that you mention how they can opt-out whenever they want.

Mobile Signup Widget

Nobody can deny that almost everyone uses a mobile phone today that is capable of accessing a business website and logging in. You can make it easy for your mobile web visitors to subscribe to your mass texting campaign using a mobile signup widget.

With a widget, you won’t need to trouble them to provide and type their names since they will be automatically logged in to your business website. Also, the widget can just ask for their permission to fetch their mobile number from their phone. What’s left for you to do is let them know about that and add a single top subscription button.

This method is almost the simplest opt-in process to grow your marketing list. Your customers don’t need to remember keywords or numbers. But do not forget to abide by TCPA, so your customers continue to patronize your business.

Making Opt-in Text Marketing Easier

A creative approach to get your customers express written consent to subscribe to your opt-in text marketing lists is necessary to send them your text marketing messages. It also allows your business to follow TCPA while growing your marketing list. You can enjoy these creative ways if you use a business SMS platform for mass texting.