Advanced Text Messaging Personalization

Make your subscribers feel special by automatically personalizing every text….even when you send thousands at a time.

Every contact in your text marketing list is more than just a phone number.  If you really want to engage your audience, boost revenue and boost loyalty, it’s critical that you personalize your messaging as much as possible.  With Txtra’s advanced text messaging features you have the ability to collect more information about each and every subscriber including:


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Birthday
  • Acquisition source

These fields can be automatically merged into your mass text messages for a personal touch. Personalizing your mobile marketing campaigns with the recipients´ names is one of the best advanced messaging features for maximizing the impact of your message.

Also, with Txtra you have the ability to integrate your text marketing data with your email platforms, so capturing this extra information here will extend into your email marketing campaigns.