Quickly & Easily Bulk Import SMS Subscriber Lists

Already have a text subscriber list? Easy peasy! import your contacts names, numbers, birthdays and more in seconds.

Manage your professional list of subscribers in our contact management module. For every new subscriber that joins a list by texting in a keyword that is setup in the system, they get added to the contact/subscriber list. Contacts can also be added by subscribing themselves via web sign-up widget that may be placed on another website, and through a digital loyalty kiosk setup in stores. You can view the source of all sign-ups through the contacts module, whether they signed up through SMS keyword, web widget, kiosk, or if they were manually added.

The contacts module also includes a comprehensive search feature so you can search for your contacts based on different criteria. Search on name, number, group and source of sign-up. Send these contacts a SMS individually from here or as part of a group from the bulk SMS module.

You also have the ability to manually add and import contacts into the system via a .CSV file upload. If you already have a list on permission-based contacts maintained somewhere and would like to upload these contacts in 1 fell swoop without adding them 1 by 1, you can do that with our bulk import SMS subscriber lists feature.