Our bulk SMS API provides access to the core features of the Txtra platform

API calls can be executed from nearly any popular programming language. Through our bulk SMS API you can access the most core features of the Txtra platform. Adding and retrieving contacts, sending/scheduling bulk SMS to groups, sending/scheduling SMS to a specific contact, message delivery reports, retrieving your SMS/Voice credit balance, and adding contact appointments.

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How Our Free Bulk SMS API Works

Txtra provides free access to our bulk SMS API to every customer.  Once your account is created, you’ll have access to this from your dashboard as soon as you login. You’ll be able to use this API for CRM integrations, employee communications,  or anything else. 

Accessing Our Bulk SMS API

Simply log in to your Txtra account and you’ll have direct access to the API from your account menu.

Each account has a unique API key that should never be shared.  In the event you need to create a new key,, you can easily re-generate a new one right form the Txtra dashboard.

Why Txtra’s Bulk SMS API?

Our HTTP bulk SMS API lets you easily take advantage of the core features of our text messaging platform from your applications. Leverage the years of effort that went in to building Txtra to rapidly integrate the needed functionality for your own use cases.

Key functionality available through our API includes:

  • Adding and retrieving contacts
  • Sending/scheduling bulk SMS to groups
  • Sending/scheduling SMS to a specific contact
  • Message delivery reports
  • Retrieving your SMS/Voice credit balance
  • Adding contact appointments 


bulk sms api
1. Txtra's bulk sms api is available to every account directly from our dashboard

Bulk SMS API Features

Build better applications, faster using Txtra’s bulk SMS API

Greatly reduce time to value and time to market by leveraging our robust SMS API.  With access to six core features, you’ll quickly be able to integrate with existing applications for your organization. We have full API documentation available to our subscribers.

Start Using Txtra's Bulk SMS API Today

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