Benefit From the Amazing Results of Bulk SMS Text Message Marketing

Reach everyone instantly and increase revenue and loyalty for your organization

What is Bulk SMS Text Message Marketing?

The most effective and cost-efficient marketing medium to ensure your message gets ready by up to 98% of your audience.



For way too long, marketers have been content with piddly 2% read, response, or engagement rates.  This complacency has allowed bulk SMS text message marketing to fly under the radar for the majority of businesses while the more savvy have used it to help their businesses flourish.


Imagine a medium where users are conditioned to read the message quickly and mostly engage with the content while allowing the sender to personalize it, and give it the enrichment capabilities of email by adding any number of file types.


When the read rates are up to 98%, and most of those messages are read within three minutes of receiving them, just think about the significant predictability in being able to increase revenue and customer loyalty by being able to reach everyone instantly.


Text message communication gives your customers a reason to return to your business.  It allows you to message all of your employees at once and make them aware of urgent news.  It integrates with customer loyalty functionality to increase loyalty to your business instead of your competitors….all for mere pennies.


And it gets even better because every single text message can be personalized with names, integrated with email and social platforms, and even intelligently remind users of important appointments to ensure your business stays busy.


Well, welcome to Txtra.  We’ve taken the effectiveness of bulk SMS text message marketing and  communication and wrapped it into a delightful and easy to use cloud-based web platform so businesses of every size and every budget can take advantage of everything we have to offer.  It’s more than just text messaging….its Txtra.


Key Functionality


Reach Everyone Instantly

Send all of your opt-in subscribers a personalized message and they’ll receive and read it nearly immediately. Imagine having the ability to send messages to people who want to see it, and knowing they will read it instantly!  


Enriched Text Communications

Words are powerful, so while sending a 160 character text message has great impact, Txtra also has the ability to send much longer messages, attach files, personalize each and every text message and thanks to our SMS API, you can integrate it with other mission-critical business platforms like MailChimp, and more.


Scalable & Secure:

Txtra is a cloud-based SaaS hosted in a highly scalable, secure, and performance rich environment.  To date, we have a 99.999% uptime performance and take every measure to ensure the safety and security of all data.


Available to Every Business on Any Budget

We’ve spent years ensuring the Txtra platform is enterprise-ready and capable for the largest and most demanding businesses, but we’ve also ensured it’s accessible to all.  With business texting plans as low as 0.00 per month, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get started today.


No Apps to Download.  No Software to Install

Your phone is full of apps and your laptop is full of programs you rarely ever use.  We’re here to make your life easier and your business better.  Nothing to download and nothing to install for you or your customers.  Simply log in to Txtra from any web browser on any device and B-O-O-M – you’re ready to go!


Automation & Intelligence:

You have a business to run, so Txtra helps by automating a variety of tasks such as sending appointment reminders, self-cleaning your subscriber lists to ensure you don’t repeatedly send to out-of-service numbers and even automatically sending birthday messages to your favorite customers. And if that’s not enough, Txtra will even tell you how your campaigns are performing with easy to read texting analytics reports.

Start using bulk SMS text message marketing for your business now.  No credit card required and you can send your first message in minutes >