Dedicated Phone Numbers

Every plan includes a free local or toll-free number so you can take advantage of all Txtra features

Choose from thousands of available dedicated phone numbers your organization can use for texting o and every other feature we offer immediately after account registration. These numbers are voice activated and SMS / Text enabled. These online mobile numbers are regular local or toll-free numbers and are perfect for small to medium sized businesses.

Of course if you have a much larger business and your texting needs are enterprise grade, we also offer dedicated short codes as well to allow you to send millions of messages in minutes.

You also have the ability to add additional numbers to your account. This is very useful if you have a large number of opt-in contacts, you can spread your workload across multiple numbers now instead of just 1 number. This is very useful for 2 reasons:

  1.  Currently, there is a limit of 1 SMS per second sent from 1 long code number (US and Canada only), so if you have 500 contacts, it would take roughly 500 seconds(over 8 minutes) to reach all of them. If you have 5 numbers, it would take just over a minute and half. We give you the option to rotate through all your long codes when sending your bulk SMS by simply ticking a checkbox!

  2. Since these are long code numbers, mobile carriers are a little more cautious letting someone send thousands of identical SMS messages at 1 time for SPAM reasons. To mitigate potential problems, it’s best to distribute the load of your SMS traffic, so that SMS messages with identical or similar contents are sent from as many different outgoing phone numbers as possible. This is really only a factor if you have a very large number of opt-in subscribers.