Grow Your SMS Marketing Lists

Every feature you need to build your lists from any marketing channel and they’re all included in every Txtra plan.  Some of our growth features include:

Unlimited SMS Text to Join Keywords

Mobile Keywords are the key to organizing and broadly segmenting your SMS subscribers. And while most text messaging platform providers charge their customers per keyword, Txtra provides unlimited SMS text to join keywords, free of charge in every plan.

Text to join keywords have many benefits including:

  • Easy to remember and brandable
  • Brandable
  • They segment subscribers among marketing groups by location, product
  • They easily grow your SMS Marketing Lists

In-Store Loyalty Kiosk

Maximizing the value of every customer visit is critical to the success of your business.  Enter the In-Store Loyalty Kiosk builder.

The loyalty kiosk builder lets you create an easy to use digital kiosk display so you can provide your on-site customers with a user friendly and engaging display – letting them join a mobile club, check-in to a loyalty program, and check their current status. They get the benefit of being rewarded for their loyalty and you get the benefit as you grow your SMS marketing lists.

Completely customize every aspect of the kiosk display using our in-store loyalty kiosk builder.

Web Sign Up Widgets

Use your website, Facebook page, or any other online presence to easily build your SMS marketing list by using Txtra’s Web Sign Up Widgets.

Simply create forms with easy copy & paste code to capture any information you want for your new SMS subscribers including:

  • Names
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses 
  • Location
  • Birthday
  • and more

Multi-Action QR Codes

Make full use of our Multi-Action QR Code Generator which allows you to close the gap between offline and online subscriber acquisition. This means that instead of waiting for a consumer to go home, enter a URL and sign up to your texting list, they can subscribe right in your store by quickly scanning one code with their phone.

This is an ideal way to capture information and get new subscribers while your customers are:

  • waiting to pay at your store
  • dining at your restaurant
  • waiting for their yoga class to start


In addition to using our QR codes to help grow your SMS marketing list, it can also do other amazing things such as help your customers connect to your WiFi, link to a map location, and even pay you.

Opt-In Pages

Similar to our Web Sign Up Widgets, with eth difference being that we can host the page on our server.  This is a perfect solution for businesses that don’t have a web site or have one and don’t have the resources to update their own.

Import Contacts

If you’re migrating over from a Txtra competitor or you’ve built an opt-in list in some other way, we’ll save you plenty of time and allow you to bulk import those contacts onto your Txtra account