Send Your Messages

There are a variety of options when it comes to sending business text messages to your subscribers. and its important to know that we evaluate fur characteristics of all options before we offer them to our customers.  Those characteristics are:

  • Sending velocity
  • Sending frequency
  • Contact quantity
  • Accessibility to businesses with varying budgets
  • Industry recommended best practices
  • Business continuity

Based on the above criteria, Txtra has options for any business with any budget and any messaging need.

short code

Dedicated Short Codes

Need to send millions of messages in minutes? Our dedicated short codes are the perfect solution.

dedicated phone number

Dedicated Local Phone Numbers / Long Code

Local presence is important, so when you need your texts to come from a specific area code this is your best choice

Facebook Integration​

Dedicated Toll-Free Number

The perfect balance between costs and messaging velocity

ft icon no shared short codes

Shared Short Codes

We don't support these. Shared short codes are not considered a compliant way of sending business SMS. Learn about the dangers of using a provider who offers these.