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Engage with your customers at scale using bulk text messaging for businesses

Everybody uses text messages to communicate for their personal lives and for business. Sending SMS & MMS text messages for your business can help you increase revenue, increase customer loyalty and help make customer service more efficient.

Businesses have recognized text messaging as their most effective communication channel for customer engagement. Regardless of your needs, or type of business, bulk texting has a place in any organization.

send bulk text messages

How Bulk SMS & MMS Marketing Works

At the heart of the Txtra bulk text marketing platform is the ability to send bulk SMS & MMS messages at scale to help grow your business. Whether you use Txtra’s scheduling, automation, or personalization capabilities, Txtra will help you reach all of your subscribers or specific segments.  While Txtra has a variety of features to help you effectively engage with your subscribers, ways of sending, automating, scheduling, and engaging with your subscribers, we’re going to focus solely on the ability to “just” send text messages here. You’ll be impressed by your ability to send messages to every single subscriber or the ability to segment them almost any way you want…all the way down to pinpointing the exact person you want to send text messages to.

Sending Bulk Text Messages

Txtra has several features to help ensure your bulk text messages are effective from scheduling, to personalization, to using message templates.  

1. Choose the phone number from your account you want to use to send your messages

  • Txtra accommodates dedicated short codes, 10DLC/A2P long codes, and toll-free numbers. Forget the technical jargon, but just know that whatever your needs, Txtra supports it. 

2. Choose the recipients of your bulk text messages

Just like any form of marketing or communications, ensuring you get the right message to the right audience is critical, and Txtra makes it simple. You can segment your recipients any number of ways including by:

  1. Keyword Groups – This is the most common form of grouping subscribers.  When people text a keyword to your number, they are automatically grouped by that keyword
  2. State – You can segment beyond keyword group by the state the subscriber lives in
  3. City – You can segment beyond keyword group by the city the subscriber lives in
  4. Zip Code – You can segment beyond keyword group by the zip code the subscriber lives in
  5. Custom data segmentation – Txtra allows you to collect any three custom data fields associated with your subscriber list in addition to the above,  Maybe it’s important for you to segment by company, by the location of your business they frequent the most, or anything else.
  6. Specific contacts – Feel free to choose specific individual contacts to send your message to.

3. Choose Your Type of Message

  1. If you need to send a short and simple message with just text, and maybe a link, choose SMS.
  2. If you need to attach photos or you’re looking to include emojis in your message, choose MMS

4. Make your recipients feel special with personalization

  1. Whether your sending SMS or MMS, Txtra makes it simple to personalize your messages.  You can personalize using any of the following kinds of information:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Any of three additional custom fields you choose

5. Hit SEND

send bulk sms
send bulk sms & mms

How Does Bulk SMS Help Your Business?

There are hundreds of reasons why using text messaging for your business makes perfect sense. It doesn’t matter if you’re using SMS or MMS  for sales, support, marketing, or communication. Mobile messaging is the most effective way to reach your customers and it’s 10X more effective than email or social.  Here are just a few reasons why you should use bulks SMS to reach your customers.

  • People are glued to their phones
  • You can reach everyone instantly
  • You can increase revenue and customer loyalty

Why Choose Txtra to Send Bulks SMS Text Messages?

We know you have options for your SMS Marketing Platform, but here are are some reasons to choose Txtra to send bulk SMS or MMS.

unlimited keywords

Unlimited Keywords

One of the easiest ways to grow your list and while many SMS marketing companies charge per keyword per month, Txtra provides unlimited keywords at no extra charge.

import contacts

Unlimited Contacts

We're here to help you grow your business so there's no limit to the number of contacts you can add to your Txtra account. You'll never be charged based on contacts, so let's get texting.

Facebook Integration​

Free Trial

Sign up today for your FREE 14-day trial and let Txtra help you increase revenue and increase loyalty. We won't even ask you for a credit card to start your trial.

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