SMS Chat

Provide amazing customer support by easily having personalized, enriched SMS conversations from any device

What is SMS Chat?

A unique Web-based interface that allows you to easily have enriched 2-way text conversations


Imagine if email and text had a child, well that’s Txtra’s SMS Chat! It’s a responsive, web-based interface that allows you to have a full Inbox View of all user chats at once, just as you do with email.  You can easily engage with your customers, employees, residents, etc by leveraging key functionality to provide fast, personalized, and enriched conversations that are sent from any device, directly to the ends-users texting app.

Many businesses use our SMS Chat to provide support, close deals, and engage with users and the reason is simple;   every day, more than  150 million texts are sent to landlines and consumers expect to be able to interact with businesses via text. Heck, we can even text-enable your existing business landline for you if you’d like or just get a new toll-free or local number just for texting.

So it was a no-brainer for us to include SMS Chat as a key feature within our SMS business texting platform. 

Key Functionality

Inbox View:

Get a full, prioritized  view of all incoming and outgoing messages with our unique Inbox View of the all incoming and outgoing text messages and conversations

SMS Chat Search:

Quickly find any SMS Chat conversation with our focused SMS Chat Search Functionality.

Favorite Users:

This little feature is a real time-saver, but don’t tell any of your precious customers if they haven’t made your Favorites list.  Simply mark a contact as a favorite and you’ll easily be able to get back to them.

Contact Management Integration:

New phone.  Who dis? Ok ok….so what happens if you receive a text from a user who isn’t already in your Contacts? No problem! We’ve integrated our robust texting Contact Management feature directly into our SMS Chat feature.   Easily add new contacts or edit existing ones including their name, numbers, email, and birthday and even add them to one of your Keyword Groups.

Scheduled Texts:

Never miss a follow-up again! Need to follow up with a customer to make sure they’re happy? No problem! Easily schedule a follow-up SMS to be sent at any time you choose, down to the minute, or schedule an Appointment Reminder to ensure your customer comes back to visit when they’re supposed to.

Download Chat History:

It’s your data, so we give you the option to do anything you want with it.  Easily download your SMS Chat history with any of your contacts into a CSV or Excel file.

Templates, Links, & Merge Tags:

One of the great things about text messaging is the speed at which you can do it.  Well, buckle up, because Txtra made it even quicker for you. Easily use existing text message templates, short links, or merge tags to enrich and personalize every text interaction you have with SMS Chat.

File Attachments: 

As powerful as words are, we’ve given you the ability to enrich your SMS chat by integrating Txtra with more than a dozen 3rd party platforms including Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, and Flickr to allow you to share any file you need in your SMS Chat.