Stay Compliant

Text message marketing can have a positive impact on your business, but like anything else, there are rules that need to be followed in order to maximize its effectiveness. 

Unfortunately, most users aren’t aware of this and they mistakenly break the rules and end up getting their wrists slapped because their text message marketing partner didn’t make them aware or didn’t take extra measures to include some compliance features in their platforms.

But don’t worry….we’re not like other SMS marketing platforms.  We’ve included some features in Txtra that will help you remain compliant.



Features you need to help you stay complaint with CTIA, TCPA, and GDPR

double opt-in

Double Opt-In

Looking for an additional opt-in layer...ask subscribers to double verify.

ft easy opt out

Easy Opt-Out

One simple keyword is all it takes for subscribers to unsubscribe automatically

ft icon appended messaging

Appended Messaging

Automaticall and editable appended messaging to priovide clear & simple unsubscribe instructions

ft icon unsubscribe compliance

Unsubscribe Compliance

When a subscriber unsubscribes, we mask the last 4 digits of their numbers to ensure no further communication is possible

ft icon no shared short codes

No Shared Short Codes

We're focused on compliance and ensuring Txtra HELPS your business. Shared short codes are not a compliant way of sending business SMS. Learn about the dangers of using a provider who offers these.