AWeber Integration

Simple Texting & AWeber Integration

Take full advantage of Txtra’s built-in functionality of capturing your SMS subscribers’ email address by automatically adding that information to your AWeber account.  Its simple SMS & AWeber  integration that doesn’t require any complicated field mapping or anything else.

sms texting AWeber integration

How SMS & AWeber Integration Works

When you turn on email capture in your Txtra account, you can automatically add the emails and names of your text message marketing subscribers to your AWeber account with a simple copy & paste.

Setting Up AWeber Integration

If you don’t already have a Txtra text message marketing account and an AWeber account, go ahead and sign up for them. Both Txtra and Aweber offer free trials.

1. Log in to Your AWeber Account

The first step is to log in to your AWeber account and go to Settings > Developer.  Once you’re there simply copy the API Access URL and the API Access Key. 

2. Log in to your Txtra Account

Log in to your Txtra account and ensure you have “Name & Email Capture” turned on in your Settings.

Now go to your User Name menu in the upper right-hand corner, then go to “Email Services”. While Txtra integrates with many email platform providers, you’ll select AWeber and then paste your AWeber API Key and API URL that you copied earlier. Click Save. Now choose the AWeber list you want to send your SMS subscriber info to in your AWeber account and click Save.

That’s it! Integration complete.

Now any time someone subscribes to one of your SMS subscriber lists, and provide their name and email address, that information will automatically and almost instantly sync with the AWeber list you selected.

simple texting and ActiveCampaign integration
simple texting and ActiveCampaign integration
Sync email addresses from text-to-join, web sign up widgets, and in-store loyalty kiosks and sync them with your AWeber account
Sync email addresses from text-to-join, web sign up widgets, and in-store loyalty kiosks and sync them with your AWeber account

Collect Emails from Multiple Sources

Being able to collect subscriber names and email addresses from SMS text to join and sharing that info with ActiveCampaign is a powerful and valuable integration.  But  wait…there’s more 🙂  In addition to that, the Txtra text messaging platform also allows you to sync email address with your ActiveCampaign account when you collect them from our Web Sign Up Widgets and from our In-Store Loyalty Kiosk.

Txtra integrates simply with many popular email platforms including:

How Does SMS & AWeber Integration Help Your Business?

Text message marketing has the highest engagement rate of any form of marketing. That being said, it’s ideal to have multiple types of contact information for your audience, so why not use the high engagement rates of text to collect additional contact information, including e-mail addresses, from your subscribers?

sms email platform integration

Why Choose Txtra For SMS AWeber Integration?

We know you have options for your SMS AWeber integration, but here are are some reasons to choose Txtra as your text message marketing platform.

unlimited keywords

Unlimited Keywords

One of the easiest ways to grow your list and while many SMS marketing companies charge per keyword per month, Txtra provides unlimited keywords at no extra charge.

import contacts

Unlimited Contacts

We're here to help you grow your business so there's no limit to the number of contacts you can add to your Txtra account. You'll never be charged based on contacts, so let's get texting.

Facebook Integration​

Free Trial

Sign up today for your FREE 14-day trial and let Txtra help you increase revenue and increase loyalty. We won't even ask you for a credit card to start your trial.

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