Text Message Loyalty Rewards Kiosk

Keep your customers coming back by offering them rewards for their loyalty

Our text message loyalty rewards kiosk builder makes it easy for you to track your customers’ loyalty and reward them for it, all while growing your SMS subscription lists and reaching them directly.

Think about the impact to your business if you could get 20% of your customers to come in just one more time per month? Now you can.

text message loyalty rewards kiosk

How Text Message Loyalty Rewards Kiosk Works

When a customer comes to your business, they check in with the Txtra powered loyalty rewards kiosk, which you’ll likely have prominently displayed right by your point of sale. They check in with their phone number and when they reach the goal that you’ve set for number of visits or purchases, they will be offered some promotion. Additionally, through their registration into your loyalty program, you will have captured their name, phone number and email address and birthday if you want.  This gives you the ability to message your loyalty members and drive more return visits back to your business.

Complete Loyalty Text-Based Ecosystem

In-Store Loyalty Kiosk

Build your customer list effortlessly so you can connect with customers when you want.

Digital Loyalty Punch Card

Reward customers to increase repeat visits and drive incentives to keep your business top-of-mind.

Automatic Birthday SMS

Communicate with customers via text message and 98% of your messages will be read.

Build Your Customer Loyalty  List

Start collecting your customers’ most important information, while giving them a reason to come back to your business time and time again to start establishing a loyal relationship.

Some of the info you can capture includes:

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Email
  • Birthday
  • and more….

Having this information, and rewarding customers for their loyalty will simply increase repeat business and revenue and give you control to influence exactly when and why they come back to visit, by leveraging the built-in text message marketing feature of the powerful Txtra platform.

There’s no app to download for you or your customers!

  • Your kiosk can easily be designed in the Txtra interface – but if you don’t feel like doing it, just let us know and we’ll do it for you!
  • Tablet experience designed for your business
  • Showcase specials, events, new products
  • Quick and easy for customers to use
  • Connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data to keep customer data in sync with the Txtra platform

Your Own Rewards Program for Increasing Loyalty and Revenue

Build and inspire repeat customer spend by rewarding your customers for their loyalty and messaging those who are less loyal to remind them to come back in and visit.

  • Reward status is shown to the customer
  • Works with any point of sale solution
  • Customer can save reward for later
  • Only allows 1 check-in per day to control rewards
text message loyalty rewards kiosk
text message loyalty rewards kiosk

Generate More Reviews with Higher Ratings

Automatically remind customers to write a review after they’ve earned their loyalty reward.  It’s the perfect time to ask as they will have just had a very positive experience with your business due to their reward.

  • Authenticated reviews based on real customers
  • Reminder sent after the reward has been earned (customizable)
  • Choose where review is published


Send Bulk Personalized Texts Messages When You Want

Communicate with your customers during holidays, special events, announcing new products/services, or just to say hi

  • Send to entire customer list or a specific segment
  • Schedule for sending on specific date/time
  • Create recurring monthly send
  • Offer one-time reward to drive visits
  • Include a link to a webpage with more details

Why Choose Txtra For SMS Loyalty Program?

We know you have options for your SMS Loyalty Rewards Kiosk, but here are are some reasons to choose Txtra as your text message marketing platform.

unlimited keywords

Unlimited Keywords

One of the easiest ways to grow your list and while many SMS marketing companies charge per keyword per month, Txtra provides unlimited keywords at no extra charge.

import contacts

Unlimited Contacts

We're here to help you grow your business so there's no limit to the number of contacts you can add to your Txtra account. You'll never be charged based on contacts, so let's get texting.

Facebook Integration​

Free Trial

Sign up today for your FREE 14-day trial and let Txtra help you increase revenue and increase loyalty. We won't even ask you for a credit card to start your trial.

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