Text to Vote &
SMS Surveys

Instantly get useful feedback from your customers using text messages

Text-to-vote and SMS surveys are a great way to keep your subscribers engaged and interested in what you have to offer. What better way to engage a large audience than by sending a question out to your subscribers allowing them to vote on their favorite menu item or favorite song for example? Text to vote is a great way for you to keep your subscribers engaged as well as collecting valuable information from your customers.

text to vote sms surveys

How Text to Vote & SMS Surveys Work

Simple to implement and powerful results.  Think of SMS surveys and text-to-vote as the modern-day approach to the customer feedback box.  Imagine being able to get 98% of your customers giving feedback that will improve your business.  all through text messages.

Setting Up a Text to Vote

You have a business to run, so we’ve made this as easy as possible so you can benefit from your customers’ feedback ASAP.  From your Txtra dashboard, you’ll be able to manage all of your surveys from a simple screen and create new ones in a matter of seconds. They can be sent to existing subscribers or when someone texts a unique keyword to your number. It’s as simple as creating your survey and sending it to get votes by text.


The first step is simply to create your poll.  Once you’re logged in to your Txtra account go to Tools > Polls and choose “Add Poll” from the Actions dropdown.

Add your question and up to six multiple-choice responses.  Each response can have a unique auto-reply from you. Now click “Save”

2. Send your SMS Survey

After you’ve saved your survey, you’ll be brought back to the Polls home page where your new poll will be ready to be sent to your subscribers.  Simply click the “Send Poll” action and choose the Group you want to send it from the pre-populated Groups dropdown.

3. Learn from the Text to Vote results

After a few minutes, your subscribers will likely start responding to your text to vote survey.  To see the results, tap the “View Poll Report” from the Actions menu, and relish the feedback.  We present all responses to you in an easy to read graphical format and give you the ability to download all data in an Excel file so you can merge it with any other data you have or view it in any other application you want.

We even give you the name of each subscriber associated with their response and give you the ability to text them directly to engage in further conversation based on their SMS survey response.

setting up text to vote sms polls
1. Create your SMS Poll
2. Send your SMS survey
2. Send your SMS survey
Text to Vote SMS Polling​

How Do SMS Surveys Help Your Business?

Give People a Voice with SMS Polls. These surveys, sent to customers by text message, allow businesses to gather consumer responses. All your audience has to do is text a keyword to your text-enabled number. They’ll instantly receive a message with multiple-choice options. Ask them to rate their satisfaction from 1 to 10 or send more specific questions to identify opportunities for improvement. Use Text Message Polls to Grow Your Audience.

  • Give People a Voice with SMS Polls
  • Ask your audience questions and build excitement with Text to Vote Polls.
  • You can let anyone vote to decide on your next special, merchandise, deal of the week, etc
  • Text message polling is so effective because it only takes a second for people to send an SMS message.

Why Choose Txtra For Your SMS Surveys?

We know you have options out there for your text to vote solution, but here are are some reasons to choose Txtra as your SMS marketing platform.

unlimited keywords

Unlimited Keywords

One of the easiest ways to grow your list and while many SMS marketing companies charge per keyword per month, Txtra provides unlimited keywords at no extra charge.

import contacts

Unlimited Contacts

We're here to help you grow your business so there's no limit to the number of contacts you can add to your Txtra account. You'll never be charged based on contacts, so let's get texting.

Facebook Integration​

Free Trial

Sign up today for your FREE 14-day trial and let Txtra help you increase revenue and increase loyalty. We won't even ask you for a credit card to start your trial.

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