Voice Broadcasting

Send important voice alerts, promotions, updates, & notifications to customers, employees, voters, & more

How do you reach everyone instantly when SMS isn’t an option? Simple…use our voice broadcasting feature.  Type in a message or upload a pre-recorded MP3 file.  Choose your recipient group and click send.  Instantly, your message will be in the hand-sets of everyone you choose while giving them the option to be connected to a real person.

voice broadcast

How Voice Broadcasting Works

Our cloud-based voice broadcasting service keeps you connected to your database of subscribers and enables you to instantly send phone messages to as few or as many of your subscribers you need.  You can even choose to give recipients the ability to connect directly with a real person if you want. It’s a fast and easy way to reach subscribers instantly with a vocal and emotional connection.

Setting Up Your Voice Broadcast

1. Select Your Caller ID and Recipients

Using the familiar easy-to-use interface from our bulks SMS feature, choose the number associated with your account you want to use to send your voice broadcast and the group of recipients who will receive them.

2. Text-to-voice or pre-recorded?

Just like our simple texting features, our voice broadcasting is just as easy. You have two options to send your message:

  • Type in a message and let our artificial intelligence digitize it and speak to it any of 20 different languages
  • Upload a pre-recorded MP3 file

3. Choose Your Options

When you choose the green “Voice Broadcast” action button, you’ll be presented with several options to customize your voice broadcast specifically to your business needs, including:

  1. Choose any phone number associated with your account from which to send the voice broadcast.  If you’ve used our bulk SMS feature, you’ll recognize that you can also choose to rotate through your various long codes for your voice broadcast.
  2. Choose from one of 20 languages for all voice prompts in your voice broadcasts
  3. Choose the number of times you want to have your message repeated
  4. Choose the length of the pause (in seconds) before you want your message to play
  5. Choose IVR (interactive voice response) Forward to Number – If you want the recipient of your message to have the option to connect to a real human, provide that phone number here.
  6. Schedule Voice Broadcast – Choose to either send your voice broadcast at any date and time in the future or simply “Send Voice Broadcast” immediately.

Some key features and benefits of our voice broadcast include:

  • Artificial Intelligence to translate your message into 20 different languages
  • Uploaded pre-recorded MP3 file
  • Give subscribers the ability to connect with a real person
  • Automatically add callers to the do-not-call list if they want
  • Segment by SMS keyword group
  •  Long code rotation
  • Scheduled voice broadcasts
  • Ringless voicemails

If you want your contacts to be connected to a real person after the voice broadcasting, simply enable that option and enter the phone number you want that call connected to will be connected to when they press 1 on their phone!

A voice message can be a nice way to keep users engaged after they’ve received a few text messages from you.

voice broadcast
voice broadcasting

How Does Voice Broadcasting Help Your Business?

Voice broadcasting can help you engage with your customers, supporters, voters, and constituents to inform them about urgent and important information. 

Voice broadcast has many benefits including:

  • Instant large scale communication
  • Non-intrusive and personal
  • Reach the non-tech savvy
  • Reach mobile phones and landlines

Why Choose Txtra For Your Voice Broadcasts?

We know you have options out there for your voice broadcast solutions, but here are some reasons to choose Txtra as your voice broadcasting platform.

unlimited keywords

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Unlimited Contacts

We're here to help you grow your business so there's no limit to the number of contacts you can add to your Txtra account. You'll never be charged based on contacts, so let's get texting.

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Free Trial

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