How SMS & Text Message Marketing Works

SMS & Text message  marketing is the most effective and affordable form of marketing that boosts revenue and customer loyalty for every type of business. Beyond the sheer effectiveness, it’s extremely simple for any business to put in place. You’ll be up and running in 5 minutes.

1. Create Your Txtra Account

Sign up for Txtra and reserve your texting number and set up as many keywords as you want.

2. Build Your List

Now you should promote your list to let people know how they can join. Create flyers, post info on your website, Facebook, and ask your customers and clients face to face. Maybe even offer them an incentive in your auto-reply for joining your list!

The larger your list gets, the more powerful and effective it will become!

When someone texts one of your keywords, they’ll be added to your marketing list and they’ll also receive a personalized auto-reply

Txtra has many built-in features to help your grow your list.

3. Engage Your Contacts

Need to get the word out about a special promotion, or maybe business is a little slow today? No problem, simply log into your Txtra account and send a text blast to your list of subscribers. They’ll get it within seconds!

When customers receive your texts and picture messages, they’re prompted to take immediate action, driving traffic to your business when you need it most.

Customers benefit from SMS & MMS marketing because they gain instant access to deals and updates from the businesses like yours that they choose to follow.

Watch Your Business Get Busier!

Text Marketing Simply Works to Grow Sales & Customer Loyalty.

With a 98% open rate, texting can’t be beat for engaging with your audience and 90% of those texts are also read within the first 5 minutes. If you stop and think about it, that’s incredibly powerful all by itself.

SMS marketing is permission-based, so you’re only communicating to a highly targeted group of people who really care about your business and what it has to say! It’s also the fastest way to put coupons and special offers into the hands of your customers.