How To Send Text Message From Computer to Phone


Mobile phones use text messaging or SMS by default. It’s been the norm since the first text message was sent back in 1993. Despite being almost as old as cellular phone technology itself, it’s still relevant and still one of the best,  most reliable, and most popular way to communicate.

And the wonder of it all, you can actually link your phone to other devices such as a desktop computer to send a message, as long as you have an internet connection. Let’s discuss how you can send a text from a computer or an SMS platform and take advantage of this convenience!

Statistics of SMS Usage

While people can connect through the internet, sending SMS is still more convenient than anything else. Even the simplest and the oldest phones can send and receive a text message without being tethered to the web. People were already doing it even before they could send and receive SMS from a computer. Let’s discuss how many people are using SMS:

How to Send SMS Through Windows 10

Windows 10 has an app that links your mobile phone to your desktop or laptop. Look at these steps to connect your devices and send a text from a computer:

  1. Have the app “Your Phone Companion” configured on your phone first. You can get this app from Google’s Play, which means that this is only applicable to Android phones.
  2. Allow all permissions, log in to the account you used on your PC, and enable sync.
  3. Search for “Your Phone” on your PC, follow the on-screen instructions and allow permissions to link your account.
  4. Sending a message through your PC will need your phone connected to the internet.

How about Computers with Previous Versions of Windows?

On the other hand, if you have Android and a computer running on an older version of Windows, you can skip on to the next section to learn an alternative method using a browser.

How about Mac Computers?

Unfortunately, Android doesn’t have the same app for macOS. If you need to text using an Apple computer, you can only do that with an iPhone, which will be discussed in the next section.

How to Send SMS Through iMessage

Mac OS has a default app called iMessage, which you can connect to your iPhone. Once you have connected them to iCloud, you can use your Mac to send messages through your iPhone.

  1. Have your iPhone and Mac use the same Apple ID.
  2. Go to Settings > Messages on your iPhone and select “Text Messages Forwarding.”
  3. Make the sliders green to enable your Mac to send and receive SMS.
  4. Open the “Messages” app on your Mac, and see a code verification message.
  5. Tap the number, wait, and you can use your Mac to send messages through your iPhone.

How to Send SMS Using Android Messages (Android and PC)

From your PC, you can use your browser and connect your devices to send a message. These browsers will work: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Follow these steps to send a text from a computer:

  1. Make sure that your phone has the latest version of Android Messages. Also, make sure that your Internet browser is fully updated.
  2. Access on the browser of your PC.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your devices.
  4. Texting through your browser will enable your phone to send a message through the Android messages app.

How to Send Free Texts Using Email

You can treat your recipients’ mobile numbers as email addresses and send them an SMS using your email provider. To do that, you must know their carrier and the associated domain name. Here is a list of the domain names:

  • Verizon:
  • AT&T: 
  • T-Mobile:
  • Sprint: 

To send an SMS, open your email app (or site) on your PC, type your message, and enter the mobile number in the recipient field together with the domain name carrier.  Here is an example of the email address: [email protected]. And then press Send.

That’s it! That is how to send a text from a computer through email!

How to Send Text Using an SMS Platform

Have you ever wondered how you can receive a text blasts from a business or other organization? They use an SMS platform to do it!

An SMS platform is an app that has all the permissions, details, and controls to send texts to individuals and large groups. So if you have an organization that needs to access several people at once through text messaging easily, you can benefit from using an online texting platform

Using an SMS platform, you can send a text from a computer to a massive number of targeted people, and make it a constant part of your overall marketing. 

These are the benefits of using an online SMS platform for your organization:

  • Receive several messages without your system crashing
  • Individual and group messaging, message templates, and message personalization
  • SMS and MMS capabilities, dedicated phone lines, and auto-response system
  • SMS keywords processing, shortcodes, and link inclusions and shorteners
  • Scheduled and staggered messaging, and signups for polls and website subscriber list
  • Integration with business communication/CMS tools, and data analytics and reporting system
  • iOS and Android apps compatibility


Whether you are an individual or a business connected to the internet, sending messages through a computer will benefit you. You can potentially reach billions of people using SMS, primarily when you use an SMS platform. While using a phone is more convenient, knowing how to send a text from a computer is still in demand for businesses where they mainly use it for marketing.