Importing Contacts

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Contacts can be imported in bulk.

To import contacts, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to SMS Chat.

The SMS Chat page will be displayed.

image 131

2.Select Import Contacts option from the Actions drop down list. The Import Contacts page will be displayed.

3. To import contact details, click Choose File.

Note: Upload CSV file only – names in 1st column, phone # in 2nd NO spaces, dashes, or parentheses in phone numbers.

The standard Open dialog will be displayed.

4.Select the required CSV file you wish to upload and click Open. The selected CSV file will be attached.

5.Specify whether this file contains header or not by checking or un-checking the box in the Yes, this file contains headers field.

6.Specify whether these imported contacts are 100% opt-in or not by checking or un-checking the box in the Yes, these imported contacts are 100% opt-in field.

Note: These contacts must be 100% opt-in and have already given permission to you to receive SMS notifications. This import utility is intended to be used when migrating over your list of opt- in contacts from another service or collected from your website which clearly states why you are

image 132

collecting phone numbers. If importing contacts that are NOT opt-in, your account with us will be banned.

7. Click Next.

The contacts from the list will be uploaded.

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