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You can schedule to send messages on a specific date. This will take you to the Bulk SMS page with that contact already pre-selected saving you time and an extra step from having to search for that name in the contacts list. This is useful for when having a chat with a contact, and they want to be notified of something on a future date. To schedule a message, follow the steps given below.

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1. Navigate to SMS Chat.

The SMS Chat page will be displayed.

2.Select the contact you wish to schedule message from the SMS chat list on the left side. The selected contact details will be displayed on the right side.

3.Select Schedule Message ( a1f2298f 06b0 4b69 8cf1 fa79a9da0e63option from the Actions drop down list.

The Send Messages page will be displayed.

image 135

From here, you can schedule a message. For more information, refer to the section Sending Messages.

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