Sending SMS To Contact

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You can send SMS to contacts by manually entering the message or using the message templates if you have any created to save you time. Add short links or merge tags in the SMS. Even files can attached via URLs while sending SMS.

To send SMS to a contact, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to SMS Chat.

The SMS Chat page will be displayed.

image 117

2. Select the phone number of the contact for which you wish to send SMS from the phone numbers available on the left side. NOTE: Only 50 contacts will be returned in the list, with the contacts who sent in the most recent messages ordered at the top. However, you can still search by name or number from all contacts in your list. If you hear a new notification beep and the message didn’t come from any of the 50 contacts displayed, just refresh your contact list to bring the new message to the top.

The selected phone number will be displayed on the right side inside the chat window. Now you can begin a 2-way SMS chat with your contact.

3. Scroll down to enter your message.

image 118

4.Enter your message in the text box. The maximum number of characters allowed is 1600 characters. 1 credit is charged for each 160 character segment. If you have a message that is 300 characters, 2 credits will be deducted. Messages containing non-GSM(unicode) characters will be charged 1 credit for each 70 character segment.

Using Message Template

5.To use a message template, click Message Templates (a570b74c 2d5b 442d a3cd c70f085b683dicon.

The Message Templates dialog will be displayed.

image 120

6.Click Insert button in the row of the template you wish to insert. The selected message template will be inserted.

7.Click Send.

The SMS will be sent to the selected recipient and displayed in the list.

Adding Short Links

8.To add a short link to SMS, click Short Links ( 67cf14fa b2f9 4bb4 a27d ceffbb9080a3icon. The Short Links dialog will be displayed.

image 121

9.Click Insert button in the row of the short link you wish to insert. The selected short link will be inserted.

Merging Tags

10. To use merge tags, click Merge Tags ( cf555425 bc12 4221 b4d5 df886a218433icon.

The tags will be displayed. For example, if you want to insert the contact’s email address into the message, and they have one in the system, when sending it will automatically insert their email in place of the actual tag.

image 119

11.Click on the tag you wish to insert. The selected tag will be inserted.

Adding Attachment

12.To attach a file, click Pick File. The select file dialog will be displayed.

13.Click Choose File.

The standard Open dialog will be displayed.

14.Select the required file you wish to send and click Open. The selected file will be attached.


Drag and upload the file.

15.Click Send.

image 122

The SMS will be sent to the selected recipient and displayed in the list.

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