Adding/Editing Birthday SMS Wish

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You can add the birthday SMS wishes here. To add or edit birthday SMS wish, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Tools > Birthday SMS Wishes. The Birthday SMS Wishes page will be displayed.

2.Select the Add Birthday SMS Wish option from the Actions drop down list. The Create Birthday SMS Wishes page will be displayed.

image 181

3.Select the required group from the Group drop down list. Subscribers to this group will only be included.

4.Enter the name of the birthday SMS wish in the Name text entry box.

5.If you want to use a message template already created, select the message template you want to use, from the Message Template drop down list.

6.If you want to send a link to a mobile page you created, select the splash page you want to send with message from the Mobile Splash Page drop down list.

7.Specify whether you wish to send the message through SMS or MMS by checking the radio button in the option. The available options are SMS or MMS field. If you select MMS option, then choose the image file from your computer.

8.If you select SMS option, you can also choose to send a link to any image you want by clicking Pick File.

The Filepicker dialog will be displayed.

image 182

9.Select the required file from any social media option or directly from the computer. You may even drag and drop the file from your computer.

10.Click Open.

The selected file will be uploaded.

Scroll down for more options.

image 183

11.Enter the birthday message in the Birthday Message text entry box.

12.Enter the number of days before birthday to send message in the Send # of days before Birthday text entry box. If you want to send the birthday wish on the day of their birthday, enter 0 in this field. If you want to send 3 days before their birthday, enter 3 in this field.

13.Click Save.

The new birthday SMS wish will be saved and scheduled.

image 184

14.Click Edit button in the row of the birthday SMS that you wish to edit. The Edit Birthday SMS Wishes page will be displayed.

15.Make the necessary changes in the required fields.

16.Click Update.

The changes made to the birthday SMS will be updated.

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