Changing Your Password

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It is best practice to change your password often for security reasons. To change your password, follow the steps given below.

  1. Click the Change Password from your username drop-down list on the top right corner of the screen. For this document, the user name is Demo.
image 20

The Change Password dialog will be displayed.

2. Enter your existing password in the Old Password text entry box.

3. Enter your new password in the New Password text entry box.

The recommended password requirements are:

  • Should contain at least a character;
  • Should contain at least a number (0-9);
  • Should contain at least one Letter (a-z);
  • Should contain letters, numbers or symbols [[email protected]#$^&*()-=_]

4. Re-enter the password for confirmation in the Confirm New Password text entry box.

5. Click Change.

The new password will be set and you can now login with your new password.

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