Creating a Txtra Account

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Creating an Account

To create a Txtra account, follow the steps given below. Depending on how it’s set up, you can be given some free credits to start with. Those credits will be given automatically after account registration.

1. Go to

2. Click Sign Up Now, Try Us Free, or Get Started.

Note: You may even click the Create an Account button on the Login page of the application.

3. Enter your first name and last name in the first two fields.

4. Enter the user name that you want to use in order to log into the system, in the User Name text entry box.

5.Enter your email address in the Email field.

6. Enter your phone number in the Phone text entry box.

7. Enter your company name in the Company Name text entry box.

8. Enter your password in the Password text entry box. The recommended password requirements are:

  • Should contain at least a character;
  • Should contain at least a number (0-9);
  • Should contain at least one letter (a-z);
  • Should contain letters, numbers or symbols [[email protected]#$^&*()-=];

9. Re-enter the password for confirmation in the Confirm Password text entry box.

10. Select the time zone from the UTC drop down list.

11.Select the name of the country from the drop down list. The country selected here will determine the numbers you will have access to assigning to your account as well as the packages you can purchase in the system. Each country is associated with its own numbers and credit packages since each country has different rates.

12. Enter the text displayed in the captcha image in the next text entry box.

13. Click GET STARTED.

The message confirming the saving of the user account will be displayed.

14. Now check your mail and click the link in the mail received from our team.

The message informing about the successful registration of your account will be displayed.

You may now log into the application. For more information, refer to the section, Logging In and Logging Out.

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