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A profile contains your personal information you entered when creating your account along with a few additional fields used for voicemail.

To edit your profile, follow the steps given below.

1. Select Edit Profile ( 9bce750d 4ccc 43a9 9dca 79e0e0c3342doption from the <User Name> drop down list.

The Edit Profile page will be displayed.

2. Edit/enter your first name in the First Name text entry box.

3. Edit/enter your last name in the Last Name text entry box.

4. Edit/enter your email address in the Email text entry box.

5. Edit/enter your personal phone number in the Personal Phone Number text entry box.

6.Edit/enter your company name in the Company Name text entry box.

7.Edit/enter the paypal email address in the Paypal Email text entry box.

8. Edit/enter the email address for voicemail notification in the Voicemail Notify Email text entry box.

9. Specify the type of the voicemail welcome message by checking the radio button in the Voicemail Welcome Msg Type field. The available options are Text To Voice and MP3 Audio.

10. Edit/enter the greeting text in the Greeting text entry box. This is used only for the Text to Voice option above.

11. Select the required time zone from the Timezone drop-down list. This will be the time zone you’re currently located in.

12. Select the required country from the Country drop down list.

13. Click Update.

The changes made to the profile will be updated.

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