Interface Overview

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Interface Overview

Txtra is a robust, cloud-based text marketing platform meant to enable businesses to reach everyone instantly and help increase revenue and loyalty. With the most complete feature-set available, we’ve ensured an intuitive and easy to use experience on every device, without having to download any dedicated apps.

The application interface gives you an easier and quicker access to various modules such as Dashboard, Groups, Contacts, Messages, Voice Broadcast, Tools, Logs, Reports and Affiliates. For more detailed information, you must refer to the respective sections.

The components of interface are

∙Side Bar

∙Top Right Links


Side Bar

The Side Bar provides you with access to the core modules of the application such as

Dashboard, Groups, Contacts, Messages, Voice Broadcast, Tools, Logs, Reports, Affiliates and Logout.

Top Right Links

The Top Right Links provide you with quick access to new incoming messagesnew voicemails, and User Profile settings and options.

Work Area

This is the area in which you view dashboard and various other modules within the application.

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