Joining In-Store Loyalty Kiosk Program

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Join a kiosk loyalty program to earn points. Each kiosk is associated with a loyalty program and each loyalty program is associated with a group. When joining a program, the mobile number will be added to the group that the loyalty program is associated with. Joining the program is the same thing as the user subscribing to your list, with the source of that signup being “Kiosk”.

image 176

1. On the Kiosk home page, click Join the Program.

2.Enter the phone number with appropriate country code to join the program.

3.Click Submit.

The screen asking you to confirm joining of the program will be displayed.

image 177

4.Select Click to Confirm.

You have joined the program and have been added to the group and now you may return home to check-in and add a point to your account. The green message below is the same auto-reply message for the group associated to this loyalty program and kiosk.

5. Click Home.

The Kiosk home page will be displayed.

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