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The Current Credit Package section shows the details of the existing credit package the current user account has subscribed to and it also shows the next renewal date. You’ll also have the option to purchase additional credits using multiple payment methods according to how the platform is configured.

1.Navigate to Dashboard>Current Credit Package.

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2.To purchase credits, click Pay with Card or PayPal button. You may only see PayPal, or Pay with Card or both, depending on how the admin has configured the system.

The Packages page will be displayed.

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3.Select the package and proceed to checkout. Depending on how the admin has setup the system, you may be able to purchase monthly subscription packages and/or add-on credit packages. “pay-as-you-go” or add-on credit packages are 1-off purchases if you want to top-off your account before your subscription period renews and you have used up your credits, or simply if you don’t want to be locked into monthly payments.

The credit details will be updated.

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