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The Dashboard Profile provides information on items such as Primary Number, SMS Credits, Voice Credits and Timezone.

Primary Number

The Primary Number is the first number assigned to your account. This will be the number all outgoing and incoming messages will be sent from/to.

image 28

To get a primary number or add a secondary number, follow the steps given below.

1.Click Get New Number.

The Select Country for Phone # Search dialog will be displayed.

2.The required country from the Country dropdown list will automatically be selected based on the country in which you registered your account with. For example, if you created an account in the United States, then you will only have access to get numbers from the United States.

3.Select the type to search phone number from the Select Type drop down list.

4.Click Search.

The search parameters can vary depending on what country you are searching for. Some countries allow searching on area code and zip code. You may also see different options depending on system setup.

Note: The 1st number (primary) is always free and included with your account. However, depending on system configuration, if you need additional(secondary) numbers, you may need to purchase a numbers subscription package first, which will give you access to purchase that many more numbers depending on the package you purchased. The popup window you will see in this case is below.

image 31

The Choose a Phone Number dialog will be displayed.

5.Click Get this Number link in the row of the phone number you want. The new phone number will now be added to your account and ready to use.

SMS Credits

The SMS Credits simply shows how many SMS credits the user has left in their account. In the example here, 136 SMS Credits are present.

image 29

Voice Credits

The Voice Credits simply shows how many voice credits the user has left in their account. In the example here, 100 voice credits are present.


The Timezone specifies the user’s current timezone and is used for features such as scheduling of bulk SMS messages since you want your scheduled messages to go out based on your current timezone and not the server time.

You may also change the time zone.

1.Click Timezone.

The Edit Profile page will be displayed.

image 30

2.Scroll down and select the preferred timezone from the Timezone dropdown list.

3.Click Update.

The changes will be updated and the new timezone is set.

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