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The Secondary Numbers Assigned section shows all the additional numbers assigned to your account. After creating your account, you will only have access to assign 1 number, which will be your primary number. If you need more numbers, you can contact the admin and he can give you access to assign more. These additional numbers are called your secondary numbers.

You can then rotate through all your numbers (both primary and secondary numbers) when sending bulk SMS. This provides a good safety measure in that to mitigate potential problems, it’s best to distribute the load of your SMS traffic, so that SMS messages with identical or similar contents are sent from as many different outgoing phone numbers as possible.

Note: The 1st number (primary) is always free and included with your account. However, depending on system configuration, if you need additional(secondary) numbers, you may need

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to purchase a numbers subscription package first, which will give you access to purchase that many more numbers depending on the package you purchased. The popup window you will see in this case is below.

1.Navigate to Dashboard>Secondary Numbers Assigned.

You will see the capabilities each number has. Whether that number has SMS, MMS, and/or Voice capabilities.

2.To view all the records, click See All Records link in the bottom right corner of the section. The Number List page will be displayed.

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