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The Subscribers by Carrier section provides a percentage breakdown on the number of subscribers by carrier for all the years. Note: Number portability data is not yet included, so this feature is only capable of recognizing the carrier an individual phone number was originally registered with. Number portability data eventually will be included. When it is, it will be reflected automatically.

1.Navigate to Dashboard>SUBSCRIBERS by Carrier.

image 36

2.Expand or hide the chart by clicking the Collapse/Expand (a9b49335 8e1a 426e 9ff6 b3c4fde61709button in the top right corner of the section.

3.Click View Data (37337830 a62a 4d7c bc1b 347f3faf72bficon on the right corner of the chart. This option shows the statistics in the data form.

You can even edit the numbers in raw data form and see how it changes the graph also.

image 37

4. Click Close.

For more information, refer to the section, Viewing Statistics in Data/Chart Form.

5.To restore the statistics, click Restore ( ba549077 aaab 474b a5d0 387af01a40de).

6.To save the image, click Save Image ( 27750f2d d00a 42a5 9c67 9eaf2ef7aa92).

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