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The Subscribers by Keyword section provides a percentage breakdown on the number of subscribers by specific Keywords for all the years. Since you can setup multiple keywords in the platform, this will show you what keywords have the best response rate. You can view the statistics in the form of raw data also. Each keyword is represented by different color on the chart.

1.Navigate to Dashboard>SUBSCRIBERS by Keyword.

image 35

2.Expand or hide the chart by clicking the Collapse/Expand (e338c24d 9060 4c6f 9934 b0f9e8b91d1bbutton in the top right corner of the section.

3.Click View Data (4010bfae 048e 46f5 8924 24ed5ee46b41icon on the right corner of the chart.

This option shows the statistics in the data form.

image 34

4. Click Close.

For more information, refer to the section, Viewing Statistics in Data/Chart Form.

5.To restore the statistics, click Restore ( aac82b13 44d4 4d75 97c2 f0ad000ef48b).

6.To save the image, click Save Image ( aaa79202 9695 4c59 bb4f 2d91adedf89c).

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