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The Subscribers by Source section provides a percentage breakdown of the source of all your sign-ups(SMS, web widget, kiosk) for all the years. Any subscriber added manually via Contacts section or import function will not be shown here. It only shows the number of subscribers added through SMS, Web Widget and Kiosk like all the charts on the dashboard. This is useful because it allows you to see how you are obtaining all your subscribers in a quick snapshot.

1.Navigate to Dashboard>SUBSCRIBERS by source.

2.Expand or hide the chart by clicking the Collapse/Expand (button in the top right corner of the section.

3.Click View Data (icon on the right corner of the chart. This option shows the statistics in the data form.

You can even edit the numbers in raw data form and see how it changes the graph.

4. Click Close.

For more information, refer to the section, Viewing Statistics in Data/Chart Form.

5.To restore the statistics, click Restore ( ).

6.To save the image, click Save Image ( ).

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