Adding / Editing Autoresponders

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Adding/Editing Auto Responders

You can setup the autoresponders to automatically send SMS back to the subscribers after they subscribe on a preset schedule much like email autoresponders work. Automatically send them a message 1 day, 7 days or 30 days after they subscribe. Setup an entire follow-up SMS campaign with them after they subscribe. Engage your subscribers and keep them interested.

To add or edit auto responder, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Groups>Auto Responders.

The Auto Responders page will be displayed.

image 90

2.Select Add Auto Responder option from the Actions drop down list. The Create Auto Responders page will be displayed.

3.Select the name of the group from the Group drop down list. Autoresponders are associated with groups and get sent to all members of the associated group.

4.Enter the name of the auto responder in the Name text entry box.

5.If you want to use a message template already created, select the message template you want to use, from the Message Template drop down list.

image 86

6.If you want to send a link to a mobile page you created, select the splash page you want to send with message from the Message Splash Page drop down list.

Scroll down for more options.

7.Specify whether you wish to send your message via SMS or MMS by checking the radio button in the required field. The available options are SMS or MMS.

A. If you select MMS option, then choose the image file from your computer.

Note: Please be aware that mobile carriers are much more restrictive when sending images to many numbers in rapid succession from 1 long code number since there is much more bandwidth to factor in.

B.If you select SMS option, you can also choose to send a link to any image you want by clicking Pick File.

The Filepicker dialog will be displayed.

image 88

C.Select the required file from any social media option or directly from the computer. You may even drag and drop the file from your computer.

D.Click Open.

The selected file will be uploaded.

8.Enter the auto responder message in the Responder Message text entry box. You cannot exceed 148 characters, which factors in the mandatory appended message.

Note: Messages containing non-GSM (Unicode) characters will be charged 1 credit for each 70 character segment. Also, special characters such as ~ [ ]; “are not allowed.

9.The Mandatory Appended Message field will be appended to the message when sending.

10.Enter the number of days you wish to send the responder after a new user signup in the Send # of days after Signup text entry box. Enter to send immediately. Examples: Enter 1 to send the responder 1 day after a new user signs up. Enter 7 to send 7 days after a new user signs up.

11.Click Save.

image 89

The new responder message will be saved and sent based on the Send # of days after signup field. It’s important to note that if you enter 0 in the Send # of days after signup field, which will send responder message immediately after signup, that the user will get 2 auto-reply messages sent to their phones immediately after sign-up. The auto-reply message from the actual group they are subscribing to and also this responder.

The new auto responder will be added.

12.To edit the selected auto responder, click Edit button in the row of the auto responder you wish to edit.

The Edit Auto Responder page will be displayed.

image 87

13.Make the necessary changes in the required fields.

14.Click Update.

The selected auto responder will be updated.

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