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You can view all sent statistics for each group. View the number of recipients in the group, # of successful messages, # of unsuccessful messages, % of successful messages, and view all individual sent records associated with that group.

To view sent statistics, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to Log and select the Group SMS Outbox option from the Actions drop down list.

image 213

The group SMS outbox list will be displayed.

2.Click Sent Statistics button in the row of the group for which you wish to view its sent statistics.

The Sent Statistics page will be displayed.

image 214

View the sent details such as Group, Sent On, Recipients, number of Successful Messages, number of Unsuccessful Messages, % of Successful and Message.

You also have the option here to delete any contact from your list that have failed to receive the messages. If the contacts are consistently showing as ‘failed’, then you could just remove them from your list as they are likely bad numbers.

3.To delete contacts that have the status as “failed”, click Delete Contacts.

The message box asking you to confirm the deletion of the contacts will be displayed.

4. Click OK.

image 215

The contacts with “failed” status will be removed.

You can also view the individual contacts associated with the group and the sent status for each. In the above example, there were 6 recipients, 2 were successful and 4 were unsuccessful, giving a 33.3% success rate for this message send to this group. A table below will show you exactly which ones succeeded and failed, and if they failed, the reason why.

5.To view the reason of a failed status, click Error Message (c446258a 8015 48a4 bb07 6c6bc3dcff6a) icon. The reason why the message sending failed will be displayed.

You can also view the reason for an un-delivered message by clicking the same icon.

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