Viewing SMS Inbox Logs

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You can view the contents of all messages received with date/time and perform actions like reading, sending SMS to that number directly from the log record or deleting the message.

To view SMS inbox, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to Logs.

The Logs page will be displayed. It will default to the SMS inbox

2.If navigating to another log and want to go back to the SMS inbox, select SMS Inbox option from the Actions drop down list.

The SMS Inbox page will be displayed.

image 205

The SMS Inbox log has the following fields.

ReadSpecifies whether the message is new or has been read. It will be marked as ‘Read’ when you click the ‘Read’ button under the Actions column.
Phone NumberRefers to the phone number who sent in a message to your primary/secondary number.
NameIf a name is associated with this contact/number, it will display here. A name can be associated if you added one the number, or if you have the Name/Email capture feature manually for turned on and they replied back with their name.
MessageThe message that was sent in by the number
CreatedRefers to the date/time the message was sent in
StatusRefers to the message status.
ActionsRefers to the various actions that can be performed on incoming messages such as Read, Send SMS, and Delete.
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