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This report provides the details of new subscribers for specific keywords or the selected date range with information such as subscriber name, group name, phone number, keyword, and subscribed date and time. You can also view the number of new subscribers for the keywords for each day of the month in graphical format.

To generate keywords report, follow the steps given below.

1. Navigate to Reports.

The Reports page will be displayed.

image 229

2.Select the Keywords ( 7e0d122d bd71 4cc0 b4f8 768e1d28d7d4option from the Actions drop down list.

3.Select group to view subscribers from the group for the keywords from the Please Select Group to List Subscribers drop down list.

Note: People will not show up in this report if un-subscribed for the selected group.

4.Select a keyword to view the related subscribers from the Please Select a Keyword drop down list.


You can also select the date range to view the subscribers.

5.Select the starting date range to generate the report from the Select Date calendar.

6.Select the ending date range to generate the report from the To Date calendar.

7.Click Search.

The total new subscribers for the selected keyword report will be generated along with the chart showing the number of subscribers for each day of the month.

image 230

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