Sending Voice Broadcast

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You can send a voice message in various languages and specify the number of times that message can be repeated and seconds that are paused before playing the voice message.

To send voice broadcast, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Voice Broadcasts.

The Voice Broadcasts page will be displayed.

image 141

2.Click Voice Broadcast button in the row of the voice broadcast message you wish send. The Send Broadcast dialog will be displayed.

image 142

3.Select the phone from which you wish to send the message from the Caller ID (Send from) drop down list.

4.Select the required language to send message from the Text-to-Voice Language drop down list. Only applicable if the voice broadcast type is Text to Voice.

5.Select how many times the message needs to be repeated from the Repeat Msg (# of times) drop down list.

6.Select number of seconds the message will be paused before playing, from the Pause (# of seconds before playing msg) drop down list.

7.Click Send Voice Broadcast.

The voice broadcast will be sent to the members of the associated group.

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