Adding/Editing SMS Text Loyalty Program

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Create a new Loyalty program with details like name of the Loyalty Program and its duration. The unique punch code that will be automatically generated and the message is sent to the users informing about the number of points required to achieve the reward. The changes can be updated by using Edit option.

To add or edit loyalty program, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Tools > SMS Loyalty Programs. The Loyalty Programs page will be displayed.

2.Select Add Loyalty Program from the Actions drop down list. The Create Loyalty Programs page will be displayed.

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3.Enter the name of the program in the Program Name text entry box.

4.Select the group from the Opt-in List drop down list. In order to participate, the user must already be subscribed to this group. If not, they will receive a message informing them of this.

5.Select the starting date of the SMS loyalty program from the Start Date calendar.

6.Select the ending date of the SMS loyalty program from the End Date calendar.

7.Enter the number of visits or purchases to reach the goal in the Reach Goal After (# of visits or purchases) text entry box.

8.Specify how you want to be notified with the punch code by checking or un-checking the box in the Notify Punch Code field. The Punch Code (automatically generated daily) is the code your customers will text in to get a punch added on their virtual card. Each day a new punch code will be generated automatically to prevent abuse of system. This is the code that you advertise in your business for your loyalty program.

9.Enter the keyword that user can text in to check their current status in the program in the Status Keyword text entry box. If texting this keyword, the system will text them back letting them know how many points they currently have.

Scroll down for more options.

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10.Enter the message that needs to be sent after user texts in a punch code to add a point to their account in the Add Points Message (Punch Code) field.

11.Specify whether you wish to send the reward or reach goal message through SMS or MMS by checking the radio button in the appropriate option. The available options are SMS and

image 162

MMS. After reaching the required number of points, you may want to send them an actual coupon image. MMS will only be available if admin has system configured for MMS.

12.Enter the message that needs to be sent after user has collected required number of points to reach reward goal, in the Reach Goal Message (Reward Offer) field. Redeem link will automatically be appended to the message.

13.Enter the message that is sent after user texts in status keyword to check their status, in the Check Status Message (Status Keyword) field.

14.Click Save.

The new loyalty program will be added.

15.Click Edit button in the row of the loyalty program you wish to edit. The Edit Loyalty Program Form will be displayed.

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16.Make the necessary changes in the required fields.

17.Click Save.

The changes made to the SMS loyalty program will be updated.

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