Viewing SMS Text Loyalty Program Participants

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You can view the details of the participants of the loyalty program. The participant details include information like participant name, phone number, punches, and date.

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To view participants of loyalty program, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Tools > SMS Loyalty Programs. The Loyalty Programs page will be displayed.

2.Click Participants button in the row of the loyalty program you wish to view its participants. The Loyalty Program dialog will be displayed.

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You can view the list of all participants in the loyalty program, with details such as participant’s name (if one exists), phone number, number of punches that participant has obtained thus far and the date the punch was added. Also view whether or not the participant won by obtaining the required number of points/punches for the loyalty program and if they redeemed thereward yet. They will have redeemed the reward only when they have clicked the Redeem link on the text message they receive after winning.

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