Adding/Editing Text to Vote SMS Poll

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Add a new question with various options or edit the information in the existing poll. To add or edit poll, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Tools > Polls. The Polls page will be displayed.

2.Click Add Poll.

The Add Polls page will be displayed.

image 146
image 147

3.Enter the poll question in the Poll Question text entry box.

4.Enter the options for A, B, C and in the respective text entry boxes. Each poll will have 4 different options the user can vote for.

5.Enter the auto responder message options for A, B, C and in the respective text entry boxes. These are optional. If you want a specific autoresponder sent if the user votes A, then enter an autoresponder message Option A. Likewise for B, C, and D.

6.Enter the auto reply message in the Auto-reply Message text entry box. This is the default message that gets sent if no autoresponder messages were created for any of the specific options above.

7.Click Save.

The new poll will be saved.

8.Click Edit button in the row of the poll you wish to edit. The Edit Poll page will be displayed.

image 145

9.Make the necessary changes in the required fields.

10.Click Save.

The changes made to the selected poll will be updated.

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