Adding / Editing Text to Win Contests

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Add a new contest with an auto-reply message and a keyword. You can also update the contest information.

To add or edit a contest, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Tools > Contests. The Contests page will be displayed.

image 153

2.Select Add Contest from the Actions drop down list. The Create Contest Form will be displayed.

3. Enter the name of the contest in the Contest Name text entry box.

image 154

4.Enter the keyword of the contest in the Contest Keyword text entry box. This is the word the subscribers will text back to automatically be entered into the contest.

5.Enter the auto responder message for the contest in the Contest Auto Responder Message text entry box. This is the message sent to the user after they have entered into the contest by texting in the keyword.

6.Click Save.

The new SMS contest will be added.

Note: In parenthesis next to the contest name under the 1st column contain the number of entries for that contest.

7.Click Edit button in the row of the SMS contest you wish to edit. The Edit Contest Form will be displayed.

image 152

8.Make the necessary changes in the required fields.

9.Click Update.

The changes made to the selected SMS contest will be updated.

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