Picking Text to Win Contest Winner

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In this section, the winner of the contest will be randomly chosen with the phone number and you can write a message for the winner of the contest.

To pick winner, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Tools > Contests. The Contests page will be displayed.

Note: In parenthesis next to the contest name under the 1st column contain the number of entries for that contest.

2.Click Pick Winner button in the row of the contest for which you want to pick the winner. If there are no contest entries to pick a winner, the message will be displayed.

image 158


The Contest Winner dialog will be displayed.

3.The winning phone number that was randomly chosen by the system when the Pick Winner button was clicked.

4.Edit the contest winner message in the Message text entry box. This is a message you would like to send to the winning number. Example: Congratulations! You won our Free meal for a week contest! Stop in and show this message to redeem your free meals!

5.Click Send.

image 159

The message will be sent to the contest winner successfully.

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