Sending Text to Win Contest

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You can send a contest to a group with a contest message. In order for your subscribers to join your contest, you need to send them your contest.

To send a contest, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Tools > Contests. The Contests page will be displayed.

image 155

2.Click Send Contest button in the row of the contest you wish to send. The Send Contest dialog will be displayed.

image 156

3.Select the name of the group form the Groups drop down list. This is the group the contest will be sent to. In parenthesis next to the group name are how many subscribers belong to that group. So in this example, the contest will be sent to 6 people.

4.Enter the contest message in the Contest Message text entry box. This would be the details of the contest and what they are entering to win. Below this box is the appended message that will also be sent along with the contest message. Next to “Reply” is the contest keyword the members of the group will need to text back to be entered into the contest.

5.Specify whether or not to rotate the contest through your long code numbers by checking or un-checking the box in the in the Rotate through Your Long Code Numbers field. Useful if you have a large number of option in contacts (>500), you can spread your workload across multiple numbers in your account. When rotating, the system will automatically rotate through all your numbers assigned to your account, including primary and secondary numbers.

image 157

6. Click Send.

The message informing that SMS contest has been sent will be displayed.

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