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A powerful feature are web based opt-in widgets. These allow potential customers to join a SMS marketing list through a web based form that is placed on a website or through a sign-up link placed in an email campaign. This provides yet another cost-effective avenue to reach and attract new consumers to your product offering and works well in any industry. It’s really all about getting exposure through many different channels and web based opt-in widgets just provide a different channel to grow a subscriber list.

To build web signup widget, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Tools > Web Sign-up Widgets.

The Create Web Sign-up Widget page will be displayed.

image 200

Step One – Select a Group for Your Widget

A.Select the group to assign from the Assign A Group drop down list. Any new users that signup through this widget, will be added to this group.

Step Two – Design Your Widget

In this section, you will first set some universal options, and then you will have to set options specific to the type of widget that you will be using.

B.In the Set Background Color field, you can choose the background color of the widget. If you are using embeddable widget, this color will appear in the background on your page. If you are using the pop-up widget, this color will appear in the background of the pop-up window.

C.The Optional Logo URL field is the URL generated from the logo you upload directly below. After uploading your logo, just copy and paste that URL in this field.

Scroll down for more options.

image 197

D. Click Here button to upload logo.

The standard Open dialog will be displayed.

E.Select the logo you wish to upload and click Open. The selected logo will be uploaded.

F.Select the required font from the Font drop down list.

G.Select the required font style from the Font Style drop down list.

H.Select the required font size from the Font Size drop down list.

I.Select the required Font Color from the color pallet or enter in a hex color code value.

J.In the Signup Widget Message, add a sentence or two to explain to your customers or members what your text messaging list is all about.

K.The Successful Signup Message will appear after a customer has successfully been added to your text messaging list.

Scroll down for more options.

image 196

L.Enter the redirect URL(if any), if you want the user to be redirected to it, after successful sign-up, in the Redirect URL text entry box.

M.Check the box in the Collect Email field, if you want to collect email addresses on the sign- up form.

N.Check the box in the Collect Birthday field if you want to collect birthdays on the sign-up form.

image 198

The Click to Setup a Customer Auto-Reply Message is an optional section. If you enable this feature, a message of your choice will be automatically sent to each person who successfully joins your list. If not enabled, the auto-responder message of the group will be sent instead.

O.Specify whether you wish to enable auto reply message or not by checking or un-checking the box in the Auto-Reply Message field.

P.If checked, enter the auto-reply message in the Auto-Reply Message text entry box.

Step Three – Which Widget(s) will You Be Using?

Note: You may configure both the embeddable and pop-up widgets if you like. If you do not configure one (or both) of these, we will create the widget(s) with default options. You may skip this step if you are using the signup link.

If you are using the embeddable widget, click To Expand Embeddable Options link.

Q.Enter the width of the widget in the Embeddable Widget Width field.

R.Enter the height of the widget in the Embeddable Widget Height field.

S.Specify whether or not you wish to allow scrolling by checking or un-checking the box in the Allow Scrolling field.

Scroll down for more options.

image 199

To use the pop-up widget, click To Expand Pop-Up Options link.

T.Specify whether or not you wish to use default image by checking or un-checking the box in the Use Our Default Image field.

U.If not, attach your own image by entering the image URL in the Use Your Own Image text entry box.

V.Enter the pop-up width in the Pop-Up Width text entry box.

W.Enter the pop-up height in the Pop-Up Height text entry box.

X.Specify whether or not you wish to use the pop-up scrolling by checking or un-checking the box in the Pop-Up Scrolling field.

Y.To preview the widget, click Preview Widget.

The widget will be displayed.

Z.Click Create Widget.

AA.In the Embeddable Widget, Pop-Up Widget and Signup Link For Email Campaigns field, copy and paste the code depending on what type of widget you want to use.

The widget will be created.

Here is an example widget created from the widget builder that will either be displayed as a popup window or an embeddable widget on your own website simply by copying and pasting the pertinent code.

image 201
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