Adding/Editing Message Template

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The message template can be created to save common or often used SMS messages so that you will not have to re-enter the same message repeatedly on the bulk SMS page. Simply select which template to use and have it auto-populate.

To add or edit a message template, follow the steps given below.

1.Navigate to Messages >Message Templates.

image 112

The Message Templates page will be displayed.

2.Select Add Message Template option from the Actions drop down list. The Message Templates page will be displayed.

3.Enter the name of the template in the Template text entry box.

4.Enter the message for the template in the Message text entry box.

5.Click Save.

image 113

The new message template will be added.

6.Click Edit button in the row of the message template you wish to edit. The Edit Message Template page will be displayed.

7.Make the necessary changes you wish to edit in the required fields.

8.Click Save.

The selected message template will be updated.

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