SMS Marketing Best Practices

sms marketing best practices

Businesses need to follow rules that sometimes include unestablished do’s and don’ts. SMS marketing is not an exclusion. Carelessly doing the don’ts and ignoring the do’s can negatively impact the reputation of your enterprise. This SMS marketing checklist will help you understand  SMS marketing best practices to maximize the success of your text marketing efforts.

Marketing Campaigns

Follow these guidelines to help your SMS marketing campaigns run smoothly.

Integrate Your Other Marketing Channels With SMS Marketing

You might be using email, social media, and SMS simultaneously for your marketing campaigns. Fusing them all will provide a better connection with your audience.

Launch Coupon Codes And Promotions

The best use case for SMS marketing is sending promo and coupon codes. Redemption through purchase increases your average transaction and customer loyalty.

Officiate Contests And Provide Giveaways 

Who doesn’t like to receive rewards? According to HBR, strong loyalty marketing programs grow revenues 250% faster and generate up to 400% returns to shareholders.

Look For Ideas From SMS Conversations To Expand Your Web Content

Reviewing the responses can help you give insights for your next blog and social media posts. Crediting your subscribers will also gain loyalty points for your business.

Prioritize Engagement Over Vanity Metrics

Don’t rely on the size of your number list or open rate. Looking beyond these vanity metrics will provide a realistic view of your market weather.

Optimize Your Marketing To Improve Deliverability

Text message deliverability also plays a role in your campaign’s results. Use the best SMS platform in your area and take extra care to check your customers’ contact details to improve your message delivery rate.

Avoid Sending Messages Without Call To Action

You might be informing your clients about your new product or your new store hours. Either you tell them to buy or wait, respectively. You can also include website links as much as possible to help them confirm to the internet.

Establish Your Goals And Monitor Your Kpi

Jumping on this new marketing channel without a definite goal and monitoring KPI is a waste of money and time. Doing otherwise will help you develop perfect tactics on the way.

Keep Track Of Abandoned Carts 

Reminding your customers about their abandoned cart through SMS will help them finalize their decision and get you sales. They only need a push! 

Customer Experience 

Your sales will reflect on how you engage with your customers. These guides will boost your customer loyalty when implemented successfully.

Optimize Your Website For SMS Subscription 

Some customers are not ready to buy but are willing to submit their contact info. Take this advantage and send more information to help them decide.

Take SMS Opt-in And Opt-out Standards Seriously

Never text customers without their permission. Avoid breaking laws and invading privacy! 

Don’t Fully Rely On Automation 

Your customers love to connect with a human touch. Using an SMS platform with two-way messaging features can help your audience build a strong connection with your brand.

Create User-Generated Content From Your SMS Marketing

You can break the sales-driven approach from time to time by creating user-generated content (UGC). Examples are hashtags, shared posts, reviews, and social media posts.

Ask For Feedback From Your Customers

Two-way communication from SMS platforms helps you become aware of your public rating. Asking your customers how their purchase was will also boost their loyalty. It can also help you refine the rough edges of your products and services for continuous improvement.

Analyze The Quantity And Quality Of Feedback Responses

If this is your first time using an SMS platform, try testing different approaches for your text marketing strategy. Smart analytics measurement will help you gauge critical feedback, providing suggestions to improve your campaigns.

Don’t Overshare 

Limit your text blasts before your customers opt-out. Don’t fill their inbox or make them feel like communicating with robots. You can mix up mass texting with two-way messaging from time to time.

Don’t Limit Your Messages About Selling

Relationships don’t work through frequent deals. So are your connections between your customers. You don’t want to bore or annoy anyone. Business is not all about money but always revolves around trust and adding value.

Make It Easy For Your Subscribers To Opt-out

Let go of those uninterested people. They lower your engagement rate anyway. 

Technical Tips

How you choose and use your SMS platform will also impact your marketing campaigns. Ask your SMS service provider if they can follow these SMS marketing best practices before running an SMS marketing campaign:

  • Make sure that the API properly integrates with your e-commerce technology 
  • Use ten-digit long code to reach your customers
  • Avoid using shared shortcodes 
  • Distance your business from gray routing methods
  • Never buy phone number lists

Wrapping It Up

Always prioritize the wants and needs of your customers when using SMS channels for marketing. Try investigating issues if your campaign’s health is getting low. Hopefully, these SMS marketing best practices encourage you to update your text marketing checklist and boost your ROI.