Experts Reveal 15 Eye-Opening SMS Marketing Facts In 2020

sms marketing facts

Experts Reveal 15 SMS Marketing Facts In 2020

Everyone loves receiving a promotion message, whether it’s a discount or a coupon. These items provide instant gratification, which is a significant element of marketing strategies.

However, experts revealed that businesses can take advantage of SMS more than ever when technology is all over the place. Read on and enjoy the 15 SMS marketing facts that will boost your business campaigns. 

Leveraging SMS To Help Boost The Visibility Of Your Business 

Did you know that you can increase your business visibility using SMS marketing? 

Suppose your customers provided you with personal data and contact numbers. In that case, there’s nothing else to do but use it to reach them and offer them things they want. You may not know it, but they might be expecting a response from you after providing their contact number. 

These SMS marketing facts will help you become aware of how SMS can improve customer loyalty to your business.

The chance of having an SMS opened is about five times more than that of an email. According to Adobe, SMS has a higher read rate than email. Several parameters affect this phenomenon, but just think about how many unread texts you have on your phone compared to the number of unread emails.  You can also mention SMS can function even without an internet connection like emails.

The open rate of SMS is an astonishing 98%. Well, of all the SMS marketing facts, this one alone should be enough to convince you to use SMS for your marketing campaigns. 

Typical marketing statistics refer to a successful email campaign as having a 2% open rate.  Compare that to the astonishing 98% open rate of SMS, and you’ll realize how much of an impact text message marketing will have on your business 

The average spam message of SMS is five times less than that of emails. According to DSIM, around 50% of emails are spam. Annoying to receive them, isn’t it? However, only 10% are spam for SMS marketing messages, which is good news for your customers. It’s surprising because SMS can even reach people in their personal spaces.

Six out of ten consumers have a positive impression from a business text message. Harris Interactive mentioned that 77% of consumers positively welcome a text message to communicate with a company. It proves that you can show your audience that your business cares by investing in an SMS business platform.

SMS coupons have ten times more redemption compared to other types of coupons. Convenience, visibility, targeting, easy redemption: all of these are benefits of using SMS coupons for both the business and the consumers. Take printed coupons as an example. It’s tons of money and time wasted, only to see that their redemption rate is less than 1%. 

Help Your Consumers Decide Using SMS Marketing 

After your consumers became aware of your business or anything you sell, they might consider which item or service they should buy. Or they don’t. Keep them engaged with your brand using SMS marketing, which the following statistics can give you insights.

For mobile device users, 79% of them rely on an SMS opt-in for shopping assistance. Innovative businesses offer their website visitors to leave their mobile numbers for exclusive offers and notifications. But this is one of the SMS marketing facts provided by J&C, almost eight out of ten people consent to receive updates through SMS and receive assistance for their buying decisions.

It takes 90 seconds for an average person to respond to an SMS message. GSMA provided many SMS marketing facts, but this one in particular gives insights that your consumers can respond to you in a couple of minutes when you use SMS. Comparing it to the 90 minutes average response time for emails implies that consumers prefer convenience, especially outside the internet. 

Using SMS to communicate with businesses is effective, according to 71% of consumers. This SMS statistic infers that consumers have more than personal reasons to use SMS. You can say that SMS offers convenience, quick response time, and requires a low cost to provide two-way communication between business and clients.

About half of consumers in the US decide to buy after receiving a business SMS. According to Mobivity, after receiving an SMS branded text, a discount coupon, or a QR code. Consumers in the US decide to make a direct purchase. Is your business already achieving it?

Increase Your Loyal Customers With SMS 

Customers like to keep in touch with a business that they patronize. It gives them the feeling of being heard. Thanks to the benefit of two-way communication from SMS, companies can provide it to Their audience. These statistics will help you learn how to retain customers using SMS.

Around 64% of customers believe that companies who use SMS value their time. According to research, the same statistic also states that consumers think companies are progressive if they use SMS. These consumers also recommend businesses to others due to their SMS usage.

It’s estimated that 64% of customers prefer mobile messaging when updating and changing purchases. It hurts businesses to hear from frustrated customers. However, using SMS can help the business address their pain points. In fact, this statistic from SlickText proves it. 

The average conversion rate of SMS campaigns is 32%. This conversion rate statistic is remarkable. Imagine how much the ROI is because an SMS campaign has low-cost thanks to its simplicity. Also, given that it has a broader reach than internet-based communication, imagine the number of leads you can convert.

Seventeen out of twenty customers prefer to receive a text message than a phone call or email. Whether they think of convenience and being not intrusive, this statistic emphasizes how text messaging can affect your business. Nobody complains of receiving an SMS late at night. Almost everybody can receive it thanks to mobile phones’ widespread use.

Compared to a phone call or email, or even Facebook, SMS has a 209% higher response rate. This SMS marketing fact proves how convenience beats modern, fast, and proven. While email and phone calls are older than SMS, and Facebook is newer, a two-fold response rate is remarkable.

Make The Most Of SMS Marketing For Your Business

Are you a business owner who aims for low-cost–low-margin sales? You must have learned big things from this list of SMS marketing facts. If it convinces you to use SMS for your marketing campaigns, knowing about your local laws about using customer data before implementing it on your business.