SMS Review Templates & Guide to Get Amazing Customer Reviews in 2021

sms review templates

Customer reviews are critical to any business. They help you know how you’re performing with the customers and improve your products and services. These SMS review templates and guidance provide an avenue for your customers to engage with your business and will help your business effortlessly get more reviews.

There are several ways and channels where you can get customer feedback. SMS could very well be the easiest and most accessible method. Aside from SMS having a high open-rate, recipients often click on links when they see them in text messages. You can take advantage of this behavior to fish for some reviews.

In this piece, we’ll provide some helpful tips on how you can use SMS to encourage your customers to leave reviews and include SMS review templates options you can follow.

Be Consistent With Surveys

You can easily automate and schedule your text survey to keep feedback continually flowing. One of the most significant benefits of this is that it’ll reduce your workload and save you time.

Select a date when you’ll send text surveys to customers who have opted into your SMS messages. Remember to create a different automated text confirming that you received their entry and thanking them for their time.

Maintain Your Professionalism

It’s easy to think you can be lax since it’s just a text message. It’s vital to maintain a professional tone when asking for customer reviews. Stick to the standard messaging practices for the best results.

  • Mention the name of your company in the message. This will help to maintain your sense of branding and professionalism. It also puts the customer’s mind at ease concerning who is requesting the feedback and allows them to be more confident.
  • Use close-ended or yes-or-no questions. Give them the chance to say no and don’t use an overly authoritative CTA. Also, expect that some of them will say no and not respond at all.
  • Stay cheerful, polite, coherent, and concise. Those are many things to consider, given that you’re limited to 160 characters per message, but your efforts will be rewarded.
  • Check the message’s content to eliminate any typos or other errors that could affect the quality of what you’re passing across.

Send Text Surveys At Well-Timed Moments

You understand the importance of timeliness and planning if you’ve been in business for a long time. It applies to SMS messaging as well.

The best time to send a message asking for a review is right after someone purchased from you. Ask for a review of the product or service they just received, the transaction, and other aspects of your business where you want to collect customer feedback.

You can also send a message after a customer finishes talking to your support department. Of course, send the appropriate text message and survey. Send a text asking about their interaction with your customer service agent and whether their problem was solved.

Effective SMS Review Templates

Now that you know how to go use SMS texting to make your customers give you a review, here are some SMS review template ideas that you can use to generate results:

Follow Up After A Product Purchase

This is one of the best ways to get customers’ opinions about your business. Just include their name and what they purchased to personalize the message. Something like this will do:

“Hi, John. How did you like the pumpkin latte you purchased? Let us know at the link below.

—Your friends at Bernadine’s Bistro.”

Speak To Long-Term Clients

The fact that some people always choose your company means that they love what you give them. You need to get their feedback to know where you stand with them. A message like this could work:

“Hi, Annie. Thank you for always shopping with us! Please, spare a moment to let us know what we’re doing right.

—Jane, from Kid’s Trends”

Get Reviews From Users’ Social Media

Users go to social media platforms to praise your business sometimes. You could ask them politely to channel that energy to the review page. Send a message that goes something like this:

“John, thank you for mentioning Bernadine’s Bistro on Twitter. Could you also leave us a review via the link below? Thank you!

—Mark, from Bernadine’s Bistro”


Remember that before anything else, you should set your expectations straight. Never assume that customers who refuse to take surveys don’t appreciate your business or customers who take surveys believe you’re killing it.

Most of the time, customers who had a bad experience with a company’s product or service tend to be responsive to surveys, and customers who don’t respond are simply satisfied.

Regardless, always consider it a good thing if you receive bad or good reviews. These same reviews you’ll get will help you shape your business into a customer-oriented company, and this can give you a clear path to success.