The Complete TCPA Compliance Checklist for SMS in 2021

tcpa compliance checklist for sms

Outbound marketing is an integral part of any company’s outreach efforts, and there has been a significant change in the landscape recently. Now, companies need to avoid violating recently passed laws when sending text messages or making marketing phone calls, and this is where the TCPA compliance checklist for SMS comes in.

SMS Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts

SMS Marketing: The Do’s And Don’ts

SMS messaging is not just about sending out a generic marketing message — there are a variety of innovative ways in which companies use SMS, such as providing discounts and deals, delivering customer service or important notifications, and sending appointment reminders.

Is Bulk Texting Legal?

is bulk texting legal?

Is bulk texting legal? It’ss a topic many of our customers ask us when signing up for our bulk texting platform. In this post, we cover what you should, can’t, and shouldn’t do to ensure your bulk texting legal.