Creating Effective SMS Loyalty Programs

sms loyalty programs

By bringing the right message at the right time, you can take advantage of mobile phone users and value to your SMS loyalty program. Studies show that the average person has their phone with them for 22 hours a day.

10 Critical SMS Marketing KPIs

sms marketing kpis

How can you say if your SMS marketing strategy is successful? The answer is by knowing and using your SMS marketing KPIs.

Email vs SMS Marketing Comparison Across 6 Important KPIs

email vs sms marketing

Several decades ago, email started to become the bread and butter for digital marketing. But a in recent years, a contender named SMS brought itself back to life.  Does it need to be a conversation of email and SMS or email vs SMS? Modern digital marketers today use both. Email and SMS continuously bring quality […]

Experts Reveal 15 Eye-Opening SMS Marketing Facts In 2020

sms marketing facts

Experts Reveal 15 SMS Marketing Facts In 2020 Everyone loves receiving a promotion message, whether it’s a discount or a coupon. These items provide instant gratification, which is a significant element of marketing strategies. However, experts revealed that businesses can take advantage of SMS more than ever when technology is all over the place. Read […]

5 Ways A Business Texting Platform Will Help Your Business

How Does A Business Texting Platform Benefit Your Business

After obtaining your employees’ or customers’ contact info, the most efficient way to reach them is through text messaging. Reaching out to many people requires you have an effective yet simple tool — SMS. And besides from those reasons, here are other key benefits of using a business texting platform you’d definitely want to know for you to maximize its use in your business.

The 12 Most Compelling SMS Marketing Statistics 2020


Using SMS to reach anyone is an efficient way to contact people in all parts of the globe. B2B and B2C organizations can rely on this proven communication method, leveraging this technology’s benefits for productive purposes.
For businesses to use this method of communication, they must depend on updated and proven data. We compiled SMS marketing statistics relevant in 2020 to give ideas about how business texting can help them.

SMS & MMS vs Email vs Social Marketing

sms & mms vs email vs social marketing

Today, SMS/ MMS is one of the most widely used communication methods worldwide, despite the existence of other communication channels like voice, VoIP, fax, video calls, email, and over the top communications (i.e., Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber).

62 Text Messaging Statistics for Businesses

62 Text Messaging Statistics for Businesses

With the rise of technologies such as mobile phones, instant messaging, chatbots and emails, it’s easy to overlook that sms is still a popular and powerful form of worldwide communication.